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Anonymous Message To Citizens Of The World


Anonymous Message To Citizens Of The World

Greetings citizens of the world.

No matter what country you call home, and no matter which culture or religion you belong to, we all have a common enemy. The systems of control that rule our lives transcend borders, and in fact, the average people of each nation have far more in common with one another than they do with those that they call “Leaders.”

The rise of the internet has made the world smaller, and has made it easier to see that we are all in the same struggle. The planet has seen a series of uprisings in different regions over the years, and although they seem different, the people in the streets are usually making very similar demands.

Almost every single human being on this earth just wants peace, and order.  Our “leaders” tell us that they can bring us order, some of them even claim to have already done so, but these are obviously all lies.  We still have war, poverty, greed and extreme confusion in nearly every civilization on the planet.  The sad irony of this situation is that the people who are responsible for all this confusion are the same people who are apparently here to protect us from it. Our “leaders” are the ones that bring us war, corrupt financial systems, and neurotic social structures. The great swindle of all this is that we are being told that these harmful institutions are the path to salvation and that they are an absolute necessity for society.

At this moment in time, it is the people of France who have a turn to fight for their freedom, The yellow vest movement has become one of the largest protest movements in the western world to be seen in generations, but government clampdowns have forced more potential protesters inside their homes, fearing retribution from the police.

It was reported this week that the French Army would be in the streets to face off with protesters in upcoming yellow vest demonstrations, and the soldiers have been given permission to shoot protesters if they believe that someone’s life is being threatened. However, it is not the protesters who have threatened people’s lives, it has been the police and soldiers in the street, who have already killed at least a dozen people since the revolt began.

The response from the government of France has shown just how brutal and uncivilized western regimes can be, despite the lip service that they pay to human rights and democracy. These governments operate under the pretense that they are “for the people and by the people” but when the people take to the streets to express their frustrations with the system, their voices are ignored, or even worse, violently rejected.

When this happens, the possibility of a civil war and additional conflict becomes more real. However, in times of revolution, it is also important to remember that sometimes revolutions can make matters worse, so we must be very careful about the paths that we take towards liberation. There have been many revolts and revolutions all over the world since the internet became a mainstream tool, but very few of these conflicts have actually made life better for the people in these countries and life has actually been made worse in some of these places.

Iceland is one of the best examples we have of a successful revolution, and while their model is not entirely perfect, they had the right plan. The revolution decided to hold the bankers and politicians in the country accountable for their crimes, which is what needs to be done everywhere. However, Iceland is obviously a very small country, so it is much easier to cause drastic social change in that kind of environment.

The time has come for the people of the world to understand that we are in the same struggle against the same institutions. We must join together, as people of the world, to build a better future where we are free to live in peace and prosperity.

The time has come for us to unite, the time has come for us to stand up and fight! You are An0nymous! We are An0nymous! We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!

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David Cohen is a long-time independent journalist and expert in geopolitics, technology and finance. Cohen began his career as an activist, and then began writing articles as a freelancer for numerous websites. Cohen is a native of Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of Cornell University.

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